Martin Luther King, Jr (1929-1968)

martin-luther-king-jr Martin Luther King, Jr was born January 15, 1929. He graduated from Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA in 1948. In 1953 King married Coretta Scott in Marion, Ala. They had four children: Yolanda, Martin III, Dexter, and Bernice.

King most famous speech is called ” I Have A Dream.”  He spoke to 250,000 people in the March on Washington on August 28, 1963.

King was assassinated in Memphis, Tenn. by James Earl Ray in 1968. On January 20, 1986 the United States celebrated King’s birthday as a holiday for the first time.

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votingbox Voting In March 1870, the 15th Amendment to the United States Constitution was adopted giving blacks for the first time in this country the right to vote. The Amendment states that all US citizens have the right to vote and shall not be denied that right on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude. Mundy Peterson of Perth Amboy, New Jersey was the first black person to vote in a US election in 1870.

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Marlive Harris and students at McWhorter Elementary School, Carrollton, TX.

Thurgood Marshall (1908-1993)

thurgood-marshallJudge Thurgood Marshall was a great lawyer and Civil Rights leader. As chief counsel for the NAACP, he won the historic Brown vs. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas case. This unanimous 1954 decision laid the groundwork for school desegregation. In 1967, Marshall was appointed Justice of the Supreme Court by President Johnson. This made him the first African American ever appointed to the Supreme Court